About Dr. Samir Al-Sisi

The Media counselor Dr. Samir Muhammad Ali Al-Sisi, known as Samir Al-Sisi, is one of the Egyptian & Arabian self-made media icon who was able to establish an influential well-recognized educational, media, investment and social ecosystem.

He established several institutions, companies and investment entities, he also has issued books about famous Influential Arab characters e.g. presidents, kings and generals, as well as influential media publications such as the Sinai Lighthouse in Sharm El Sheikh, Helwan’s Rise, Artistic Mediator, Medical Mediator, Educational Manara and Carnival Magazine.

He heads the board of directors of Carnival International Group, the group includes several companies e.g. Carnival International (LLC), Manarat Sinai , the International Corporation for Training, Consulting and Creativity (Carnival), and Viber Security for security and guarding services.

Also, he is a partner in different Economic entities, and commercial representative of international and foreign companies.

In general Dr Samir is recognized as an iconic Media Counselor, commercial intermediary, an attractive investment and a strong supporter for the Egyptian institutions and companies.

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