The Higher Committee of Carnaval International Group , headed by Dr. Samir El-Sisi, agreed to add new consultants to the group in a number of different fields to support the rest of the projects and the various aspects of the group’s activities.

Contracts were signed for each of:

• Dr. Eng. Hani Badr El-Din Abdel-Qader Serageldin (consultant for scientific and technical research)

• His Excellency Minister Muhammad Mustafa Al-Yaqouti, Minister of Guidance and Endowments in the State of Sudan (adviser for African and religious affairs)

• Major General Dr. Hassan Abdo Abu Talib Al-Dali, Assistant Minister of Interior (Security Adviser)

• Mr. Karam Ahmed Fathi Suleiman, Advisor to the Central Bank and banking expert (consultant for financial affairs)

• Scientist Dr. Eng. Manal Muhammad Metwally Sabiha (Consultant for International Relations)