Media and press system

“An audible, read and visual media system”

The media advisor, Dr. Al-Mouhoub Samir Al-Sisi, was able to present to the Egyptian, Arab and international community an integrated media system.

“Read, audio and visual” through distinguished and varied press releases from “Standard and Table” magazines and newspapers, books for international personalities, heads of state and military generals, as well as television programs on satellite channels, obtaining licenses and permits for a satellite channel, and programs documented by the concerned and competent authorities and agencies from Arab countries in the fields of media. .

All publications of journalist Dr. Samir Al-Sisi aim to enrich the intellectual and cultural life in the country and support the national state institutions and the military institution by preparing, presenting and preparing to print a military institution entitled “Series of Good Soldiers of the Earth” to support the great national army.

With the publications of newspapers, magazines, books and satellite programs, the media advisor, Dr. Samir Al-Sisi, presented a great and strong series of national articles that serve his goals in supporting the Egyptian state and its institutions, as well as enlightening and increasing community awareness, which are the most important issues that the journalist Dr. Samir Al-Sisi focuses on in all his media publications, which are considered a reference and a source. A great patriot, who deserves all the honors, medals and certificates granted to his sovereignty in various celebrations and occasions.

The innovations of the media advisor, Dr. Samir El-Sisi, continued with the establishment of the first international film festival in the charming Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh in the South Sinai Governorate to stimulate tourism and support the soft power of the Egyptian society, which was covered by the Egyptian, Arab and international press with great amazement and the great stars of Egyptian art participated in it. On the other hand, with the media, Dr. Samir presented Al-Sisi is a great model in advertising and organizing parties and conferences.

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